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A v United Kingdom ECHR (2015)

This terrorist case involved those who gave logistical support to the London Tube Train Bomber. The case raised the issue of significant breaches of Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (P.A.C.E.) in circumstances where the police were faced with ongoing serious threat to the community. Client ‘A’ had been interviewed as a witness by the police in the full knowledge that he should have been a suspect. The statement, which effectively a confession, was later admitted at trial. Following an Appeal, their Lordships found the way the police behaved to be “troubling”. The case went to the full Grand Chamber of European Court of Human Rights and it was held, by 11 votes to six, that there had been a breach of Article 6 §§ 1 and 3 (c) (right to a fair trial and right to legal assistance) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Landmark judgement by the ECHR brought by John King and Anne Faul, instructed by Carters Solicitors.

In the News: [The Guardian] [Law Gazette] [Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC)]

R v. M

Our client M was charged with Conspiracy to Blackmail along with two others. This IRA terrorist matter involved client M being charged with conspiracy to blackmail along with two others. We write as a matter of courtesy to inform the Court the above circumstances.

R v. H (Central Criminal Court)

This was a spousal murder and after mitigation, a 15 years sentence was handed down.

R v. G (Harrow Crown Court)

Attempted murder of girlfriend.

R v. S (Sheffield Crown Court)

A large scale, sophisticated, nationwide fraud involving the use of legitimately registered and government approved companies to defraud large corporations involved in waste disposal. The case began as a conspiracy to defraud. A plea to a substantive offence of fraudulent trading which resulted in a suspended sentence was successfully negotiated.

R v. B (Blackfriars Crown Court)

A multi handed international fraud involving the recycling of mobile phones through the acquisition on cloned packaging from China and the onward distribution and sale to a number of African Countries. The case required detailed cross- examination of mobile telephone experts. A submission of no case to answer was successful at the close of the Crown’s case.

R v. A (Kingston Crown Court)

Complex V.A.T. fraud involving the creation and manipulation of a number of companies. Following protracted negotiations with the Crown following the commencement of a trial the Defendant entered a plea on a very limited basis and received a non-custodial sentence.

R v. W

Multi handed international fraud case involving the sale of off plan properties in Egypt. Following two aborted trials and a subsequent diary clash the matter was taken over by fellow professional in 9 Bedford Row Chambers (Simon Stirlig of Counsel) and he succeeded in having the case stopped in the course of the Defence case.

R v. C (Lewes Crown Court) (2016)

High Profile case concerning the misuse of computers. Non-custodial sentence following a plea on a limited basis. Client “will be forever grateful”

R v. W
£6 million HSBC Fraud

R v. H (Northampton Crown Court)

Large scale Albanian class A drugs conspiracy with an international dimension. Our client was the only defendant acquitted at half time following a successful submission of no case to answer.

R v. C (Southwark Crown Court)

Possession with intent to supply.

P v R (Central Criminal Court) (2017)

Successful Appeal led by Ms. McDermott at the Central Criminal Court against the decision of the Magistrates Court not to offer our client the benefit of the Drink/Drive Rehabilitation Course under the Traffic Offenders Act 1988 S.34A. Client previously pleaded guilty to 2 counts of alcohol related driving offences and the Court erred in law by failing to offer the said course as they felt it was inappropriate to do so. The Appeal was upheld as a result of the submission by Ms. McDermott.